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We’ve written a lot of posts about Skip Bayless around here, but none quite like this.

Today, we’re not going to focus on the FS1 debate personality’s Tebowlicious opinions, we’re going to talk about his bodily fluids.

In a podcast interview with Recode, Bayless, who hosts Undisputed on FS1 alongside Shannon Sharpe, talked about how hard he goes in on every debate topic.

“I wore out Stephen A. a lot of days, and he’d say, ‘Would you just calm down and back off?’ Because segment after segment, hour after hour, that’s all  I pride myself on: I’m going to bring it as hard as I can bring it. And remember, I am trying to win every debate. … I just want to win.”

Then comes the good part…

“I work out hard because you need to be in really good shape to do this for two and a half hours, so that’s a big component in this. To stay fresh and to endure.”

“The physical aids the mental. You need to physically be able to stand up. Like, I just finished a show, and not to get too graphic, but I got a t-shirt on underneath this and it’s soaking wet, and it’s soaked down all the way to the top of my underwear because I am so focused, I’m fighting so hard.

It turns out this isn’t quite breaking news. Bayless confessed to his profuse sweating last year as part of a piece The Wall Street Journal did on the then-ESPN host’s workout regiment. Bayless is somewhat of an exercise freak, lifting weights and either running or biking every single day. He has to do that, he says, so that he can withstand the grueling task of talking on television.

According to that WSJ story, Bayless is “sopping with sweat” after every day of work.

Make sure to conjure that beautiful image next time you’re watching Bayless’ veins pop on FS1.


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