Fox Sports is getting ready to pay noted contrarian Skip Bayless over $25 million over four years to go on television and yell about sports.  That’s only slightly more depressing than ESPN paying him slightly fewer millions to yell about sports on their airwaves.

How could that be possible?  Paying a 64 year old man $25 million dollars to give antagonistic opinions about sports sure does make it seem like there was a glitch in the makeup of our modern society, if not a total sign of the apocalypse.

And maybe you could forgive Fox for preparing to pay Bayless for what amounts to the cost of purchasing a small island if he was some kind of revolutionary thinker or brilliant mind.  As seen throughout the Western Conference Finals, that really isn’t the case.

Thanks to BroBible, here’s some of Bayless’ hot takes that have gone up in flames so far in the series…

Before the series even began, Bayless said the Thunder probably wouldn’t even win a single game.


After going up two games to one, Skip declared the Thunder were in commanding position.


Then he spent most of Game 6 trolling the Warriors, saying OKC would easily win the game and Golden State was melting before our very eyes.

Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.

One of Bayless’ favored tactics is playing both sides of the fence – picking a team to win before the series (Golden State) and then dogging them throughout.  That way his takes can be “correct” no matter the outcome even though he flip-flops so much it would make him a perfect candidate in a presidential election.  (Please Lord don’t give him any ideas… oh well, I guess it can’t be worse than what we have now, right?)

In all seriousness though, this is what is most distressing about the rise of Skip Bayless.  Now, an entire generation of aspiring sportswriters and broadcasters have seen that the easiest way to fame, success, and a whole lot of money is to have the loudest and most obnoxious voice in the room, no matter how wrong about things you always turn out to be.  That’s why we’ve already seen Bayless knock-offs given national platforms and likely will continue to do so.

Since Bayless’ analysis in the Western Conference Finals has been so far off base, maybe he should just focus on what he does best – trolling LeBron James.

That’s what it looks like when someone “stays in their lane.”

UPDATE: And just for good measure, here’s what Skippy tweeted during Warriors-Thunder Game 7.




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