Yesterday, Tim Tebow had a baseball workout in Los Angeles. Reviews were mostly mixed with the consensus being more or less, “Hey. Not that bad! Oh wait? The Major Leagues? Shit…..He’s how old? Yeah I don’t know, but it could have been worse!

(This is similar to the review I think I get after a first date).

But one person in attendance was QUITE impressed. Was it someone from the White Sox? The Padres? Maybe the Diamondbacks? No it was Tim Tebow super fan for life, Skip Bayless.

Tebow is looking for all the publicity he can get if he truly wants to ride buses for a year or two making no money hitting .250 before realizing the whole thing is dumb. Also looking for publicity is Skip Bayless who launches his new show next week on FS1 and has been doing a PR blitz trying to drum up interest in the new show. To some degree Tebow holding a baseball workout in LA where Bayless and FS1 is located almost feels an ingenious PR campaign.

After Tebow scintillated Bayless with his marginal baseball skills, Bayless conducted an interview with his most beloved subject on Facebook Live.

Initially AA’s staff found Skip’s outfit potentially worthy of some shade on social media. As an editor of this site, this was totally unacceptable and mean spirited. The REAL story here was Skip Bayless and his hands through out the entire five minute interview. It’s crazy!

You know when you use your hands way too much perhaps when you are talking to an elderly person with bad hearing or someone who speaks another language? It’s like that but way way worse. Below we’ve taken all of the clips of Bayless talking using his jazz hands.

Is he just giddy to be around Tebow? Not used to being out of a studio? Is it that California sunshine? Toking those Cali trees maybe? I don’t remember Skip flailing around like a muppet ever before but admittedly I didn’t submit myself to that torture because mental sanity is a very precious thing.

So there you have it. Just Skip Bayless getting a Tebow inspired hand workout.

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