The Daytona 500 will be on FOX in a couple weeks, and to get everyone excited, the network has created an ad that mocks ads by advertising all the ads you’ll see at Daytona. Oh and it stars the Simpsons.

“When you’re watching the action at Daytona, you’ll see cars with ads on them, driven by drivers with ads on them. And in between… ads.”

The target audience of this ad is apparently NASCAR fans who complain about too many ads in the sport or maybe people who un-ironically enjoy ubiquitous advertising.

If anything, the spot — which ends with the line, “ovals never felt so fast” — is most appealing to people who think NASCAR’s barrage of adversing is over the top and that drivers at this point look like walking coupon books.

Here’s a picture of Tony Stewart advertising at least 10 companies on his upper body alone.


As we learned, the Daytona 500 will be run February 21 (on Fox, of course) and will feature many ads. Also, you should watch the Simpsons. Hooray ads!

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