When discussing Raymond Moore’s sexist comments where the former Indian Wells CEO said women’s tennis “ride on the coat-tails of the men”, tennis star Novak Djokovic admitted they were not politically correct, but told the BBC after his match at the BNP Paribas Open that prize money should be “fairly distributed” based on “who attracts more attentions, spectators and sells more tickets.”

ESPN’s Darren Rovell got wind of the remarks and for whatever reason tried to roast Djokovic on Twitter. He posted the following photo of Roger Federer at the Miami Open, tagged Djokovic in the post and asked him a snarky question based off of his comments.



Rovell may have thought his intentions were in the right place I suppose, but there’s a problem with his tweet: Rovell posted a picture of the open’s practice. There were barely any fans not because nobody wanted to see Federer play, but because it wasn’t an actual match. Rovell has since deleted the tweet, and a subsequent correction.

Many people, including former Tennis Star Andy Roddick caught wind of Rovell’s tweet and quickly corrected him.


His mentions were also filled with people informing him of his mistake.


Djokovic’s comments should be up for debate, but Rovell ate major crow for tagging the tennis star in a tweet and calling him out with false information. Rovell played himself badly. Perhaps Rovell isn’t the right person to save Twitter from it’s lack of revenue growth going forward?


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