In 2014, we had those lovely stories about reporters complaining about their hotel rooms in Sochi ahead of the Winter Olympics. You had rooms without toilets, rooms with two toilets, rooms without toilet paper, you get the idea.

Well, it appears the media accommodations in Rio for the this year’s Olympics are sorely lacking once again and reporters are again taking to social media to let the world know.

From the official China news agency, Xinhua, we get this tweet showing no showerhead, no electrical outlet, no water and no table. My goodness, how are these reporters going to function for the next two weeks?

And they later tweeted a sink that broke, a bed that looks like it’s not totally screwed together and no power.

The Olympic media village is a condominium that will be sold to private buyers following the Games. And according to the Guardian, the village was built on a mass grave of African slaves. The media village was opened to reporters this month and it’s likely that many are not aware that they’re staying on land that was once a mass grave. And slavery was legal in Brazil until 1888. It was the last country to abolish it.

So as the media complains about their amenities or lack thereof, they should know there are bigger fish to fry, especially for the Brazilians who will be stuck with the mess especially once after the reporters leave later this month.


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