Tony Wyllie

Bad matchups and lackluster results have been a feature of the NFL’s international games, and now there’s another odd element thrown into the equation; live on-camera interruptions of international media trying to interview players.

Tony Wyllie, the Washington Redskins’ senior vice president in charge of communications  (who’s taken plenty of criticism in the past from Deadspin, from this site and from others), did just that following Washington’s 27-27 tie with the Cincinnati Bengals in London Sunday. Washington kicker Dustin Hopkins missed a potential game-winning field goal, and a German reporter from ran was interviewing him about it live on the broadcast when Wyllie crashed the interview yelling “No!”, appeared to push the reporter, and pulled Hopkins away:

We don’t know the full story here; perhaps the reporter was in the wrong place or violating a media policy. Still, doing this in the middle of a live report isn’t a great look for Wyllie or the Redskins, especially when you’re trying to promote these international games. Would it have been so hard to just let him have his interview and then complain to him later if he was doing something wrong? It certainly would have looked better for the NFL, Wyllie and the team.

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