The Rose Bowl was over before it started with Stanford and Heisman runner-up Christian McCaffrey running wild over the Iowa Hawkeyes, winning 45-16.  The game wasn’t even really that close, either.  (Thanks for the jinx, Carly Fiorina.)

The only reason worth watching the second half was to see if McCaffrey could break the all-purpose yardage record for the Rose Bowl.  He did, gaining 368 yards on runs, catches, punt and kick returns.

McCaffrey did everything on New Year’s Day.  Well, except for one thing.  The nation really would have fallen in love with him if he would have turned around and knocked out this dweeb behind him who hijacked his interview by yelling “HEISMAN” and “DERRICK HENRY” over and over again.

Clearly this bozo thought he was being cool and/or funny, but he obviously was not.  Maybe he watched Happy Gilmore one too many times the night before and thought “guy continually shouting things from the crowd” would be the new trend of 2016, who knows.

The most amazing thing about all this – that guy was so obnoxious he completely overshadowed SEC Network’s Maria Taylor creating a new word – “productition.”

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