Recently-bought Barstool Sports is both a highly-popular and highly-vilified website, and their latest move is interesting on both fronts. They’ve hired controversial former SB Nation writer and “chief political correspondent” PFT Commenter,  whose Twitter bio now lists him as “NFL writer, Chief Poltical Correspondent for Barstool sports. Host of @PardonMyTake podcast with @barstoolbigcat.” PFT Commenter is known for everything from books to radio to interviewing PFT (Pro Football Talk)’s own Mike Florio to campaign trail coverage, including asking Ben Carson if he’d abort Baby Hitler. Here’s what looks like a press release on the move:

Popular sports parodist PFT COMMENTER is moving his “MMBM” column from SB NATION to BARSTOOL SPORTS, and with the new location comes a new podcast.  “PARDON MY TAKE,” on which PFTC will be joined by BARSTOOL CHICAGO writer DAN “BIG CAT” KATZ, is debuting via PODCASTONE on FRIDAY (3/4) and will post TUESDAYS.

PFT COMMENTER started as a parody of other commenters on the PRO FOOTBALL TALK website (replete with deliberate misspellings and “hot takes” (or “taeks”) and later, after launching a popular Twitter account, began writing longer pieces at SB NATION (including covering the presidential races, managing to get into the picture on MSNBC’s “HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS” holding a sign with his eternal, slightly grammatically challenged question “Is JOE FLACCO a elite quarterback?”).  He also hosted an occasional show, “THE STEAMROOM” (“finally, a sports talk show FOR MEN”), on SIRIUSXM’s OPIE RADIO. 

Plus some of PFT Commenter’s own taeks on the move in his debut Barstool piece:

The last four years have been magical as my internet comments have translated into my own blog, then guest contributor gigs at SB Nation & Kissing Suzy Kolber, and eventually my own radio show on Sirius XM- a sports talk show FOR MEN. I’ve interviewd Presidental canidates, hung out with Skip Bayless behind the scenes at ESPN, wrote a peer-reviewed scientific essay examining the many inextricable links between J.J. Watt and Nazi Germany, and broke Guy Feiris toilet. But I knew that as my contract with SB Nation expired, my unique perpsective as one of the worlds only straight, white, male sports bloggers was more necessary then ever in the corners of the internet where that type of voice had become marginalized the most- places like Barstool Sports.

Im not having a press conference or a party or patting myself on the back for the new gig. I’ll dirnk a few Mad Dog 2020s and snort some preworkout mix, but after this, it’s time to get back to work. No fuss no muss. Maybe a strippergram, hit the super tuesday polls to write in Lincoln Chaffee, light something on fire and buttfunnel a few rounds of rumplemintz, but very little cocaine. I’m a kid from humble beginnings & the idea of having a full-time job delivering sports takes is something Ive always dreamed of my entire lifelong-life for the last three years, but I’m going to act like Ive been there before even though I literally have not.

To those longtime reader’s of mine- aint nothing gonna change but the name of the website. Its called a URL, not a ME-RL and I take that very serously. Spefically, my weekly MMBM column is going to continue, plus you’ll also notice a increase in how many blogs I write. I’m about to unleash a series of take-quakes that are going to hit you like a bukake tsunami, so get a pair of goggles and nail down the dog.

 His new podcast seems to already be finding success:

Apparently podcast listeners are hungry for more “poltical” coverage and “hot taeks.” PFT Commenter seems set to keep delivering plenty of both.

[Barstool Sports]

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