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Joc Pederson hit a game-tying home run in the seventh inning of the Dodgers’ series-clinching win over the Nationals on Thursday, and he had every right to drown himself in champagne and beer to celebrate.

It’s just too bad he had to speak on television in the midst of it all. Let’s just say Pederson did not come off like Winston Churchill in his interview with FS1’s J.P. Morosi.

So the kid couldn’t get his thoughts together in the midst of a raucous celebration. Whatever. This was no big deal at all, unless you were Pete Rose, in which case Pederson’s stuttering was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

Rose can’t contain himself! A-Rod and Frank Thomas are amused—at Pederson’s interview and Rose’s reaction—but they pretty quickly figure out that it’s time to move on. Meanwhile Rose just keeps howling.

Kevin Burkhardt, the poor host, does his best to calm Rose and bring the conversation back to baseball, but after a while he lowers his demands and simply requests that Rose laugh with his mouth closed.

But the highlight of this clip comes toward the end, when A-Rod, forever a pleaser, clowns about Pederson’s champagne intake and a wide-mouthed Rose reaches out for a high-five like a delirious frat bro.

Hopefully Pederson doesn’t see the video of Rose trashing him. Then again, he might find Rose’s composure on television just as worthy of laughter as Rose found his.

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