Well, 2016 is not off to a great start in the area of breaking down insulting gender stereotypes and keeping one’s pie-hole shut if one’s opinion kicks us back to 1916. In a recent op-ed from the Orange County Register, in a now deleted excerpt, some apparently have issues with cheerleaders of professional sports teams now being considered employees.

Specifically, the paper said (in one of the more sexist things that’s been written in print in sometime) that cheerleaders didn’t need paid because they received “fringe benefits” from working alongside highly paid professional athletes.

Yes, because women who work with rich men should just feel grateful and not expect payment. Let’s look at Sheryl Sandberg – she works with a billionaire. Does that mean she should just feel lucky for her face time with Zuckerberg and not expect a paycheck?

Also, implying that cheerleaders are only on the sidelines to score a husband is an unfair assumption. What if some of them (gasp) have actual talent and a love for football? The comment that them working in close proximity to rich athletes somehow justifies them not being considered employees was just stupid and short-sighted. It’s not surprising the comment was removed, but screenshots are forever, OC Register!


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