Vin Scully Presidential Medal of Freedom

This year’s Presidential Medal of Freedom awards had a major sports component, with Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Vin Scully (whose reaction to learning about the medal was great) all among those recognized with the highest American civilian honor. That led to plenty of sports moments at the ceremony Tuesday, including President Obama noting that Jordan (who was again crying) is “more than just an internet meme“:

Obama also had a great description of Scully’s importance:

The Dodgers’ Twitter account posted plenty of photos of Scully at the ceremony, including this one of him receiving the award:

And here’s Scully with press secretary Josh Earnest, who was on the other side of that call:

And here’s a NBA photo of Scully with Abdul-Jabbar:

The best tweet from the day might have been the caption of the Dodgers’ photo of Scully with fellow honoree Bruce Springsteen:

Well played, Dodgers, well played. The president still accomplished the best trolling of the day, though. We should all refer to the Charlotte Bobcats’ principal owner as Michael “More Than Just An Internet Meme” Jordan now.

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