DirecTV customers interested in purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2016 season will have to pony up a little bit more cash this season. According to a report from Phillip Swann of TV Predictions, Sunday Ticket will be increasing in price by 2.4% for the 2016, rising to $257.94 from $251.94. That increase is still lower than the 5% increase from 2014 to 2015.

The “max” plan on DirecTV (which includes the RedZone channel, Fantasy channel, and mobile streaming) is also increasing in price from $353.94 to $359.94, a 1.7% hike. Again, this is less than the raise of 7.3% from 2014 to 2015.

There’s also a note in the fine print that will help absolve DirecTV from complaints from subscribers about not having access to any games from London that will be exclusively streamed online and not available on television.

Interestingly, the fine print in the DIRECTV Ticket agreement this year says the Ticket subscriber will get all Sunday afternoon games that are broadcast on Fox and CBS. Last year, some customers complained when the NFL decided to allow Yahoo to stream one Sunday game, which was not made available to Sunday Ticket subscribers. (The game, which was played in London, pitted the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars.)

But while Sunday Ticket is increasing in price, those increases are lower overall than the increases in other DirecTV packages, which will range between 3.3% and 6% per month.

Given that DirecTV allows customers to pay for Sunday Ticket in as long as a six-month installment, the overall increase is really only a dollar per month. But hey, one dollar here, two dollars here…that money adds up. And given the lack of a RedZone-only alternative for DirecTV customers, how many more increases will they tolerate before going back to cable and paying the substantially lower fee for the sports tier that includes RedZone?

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