The NFL on CBS is chalking up the 2015 NFL regular season as a huge success thanks to some monster ratings. The NFL on CBS averaged 19.1 million viewers during the recent NFL season, a mark which represents a 2% increase over last year’s average of 18.7 million. Historically, the average of 19.1 million is the largest on record since CBS started measuring the statistic back in 1987.

CBS also has a lot to be proud about concerning their pre-game studio show. The NFL Today averaged 4.0 million viewers in 2015 which is the highest regular season average dating back to when CBS re-acquired NFL rights 18 years ago.

There’s one simple point to take away from all of this: The NFL is still king. Even though the league is facing nearly constant criticism for concussions, what’s a catch and what isn’t a catch, officiating and a variety of other problems and issues, the league is continuing to set records on television. The negative coverage hasn’t diminished ratings and instead new records are being set on a regular basis.

At this point, it might be better to question what record the NFL will set next as opposed to when the negative publicity will catch up.

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