The truth is, while there may be some good stories in there from time to time, the thing that really gets people to pick up the New York Daily News or New York Post is the eye-grabbing headlines they plaster on the front & back. Seeing the puns they come up is basically why they still exist.

So when a story drops in their laps, such as the one about New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey’s bladder blood clot caused by holding in his pee too much, it’s like Christmas in March for New York Post copy editors.

They eventually had to pick one headline to go with, but boy did they ever have a field day trying to pick a winner.

Some of the alternatives to Ya Gotta Relieve! include Whiz Kid!, Now He’s A Reliever!, Swing & A Piss, Field of Streams, Piss & Tell, and Pee Brain.

As one Twitter commenter pointed out, it’s a missed opportunity for Hey Bladder Bladder Bladder, not to mention the simple-but-effective Urine Trouble.

Sure, it’s silly and juvenile and makes light of a human being’s health, but, you know, have you read the New York Post before?

[Pat Keirnan]

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