MLB Network reporter Matt Yallof suffered a stroke late last month, and friends are asking for donations to aid his recovery process.

According to a donation page on YouCaring.com, the 46-year-old Yallof suffered a stroke in his basement on July 29. He is apparently doing OK after spending seven days in the ICU but will require physical therapy, transportation and other rehabilitative needs that insurance won’t fully cover.

With that in mind, a “community” of Yallof’s friends set up a YouCaring page for people to donate to Yallof’s recovery, and as of early Friday afternoon they had raised $47,514 of a $60,000 goal. Here’s part of the message that accompanies the page:

At only 47 years old, an avid runner and by all outward accounts in excellent physical health, Matt suffered an ischemic stroke at his home. He went downstairs to start painting the basement and left by ambulance. After spending 7 days in the ICU, Matt was transferred to a Rehabilitation center to begin intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy. While we all expect Matt to continue his remarkable progress and to make a full recovery, the reality is that he has a long road ahead of him and will require many additional hours of continued therapy and services once he arrives home in two short weeks.

We know that everyone who knows Matt and Amy wants to be supportive during this healing process. Please feel free to contribute to ‘lend a hand’ – as all contributions will go towards helping to make this journey a bit easier. Matt will require many hours of private therapy a week since his insurance will only cover outpatient therapy for a few days a week. There are also limitations as to how many private sessions insurance covers in a calendar year and how much of each session they will cover. He may need transportation and potential incremental medical treatment that will not be fully covered by insurance.

This kind of thing reminds you that health is fragile and no matter what you do something can always go wrong. We hope to see Yallof fully recovered and back on the MLB Network set as soon as possible.

Again, you can donate money to help his recovery right here.