The MLB Network documentary "The Colorful Montreal Expos."

The new William Shatner-narrated documentary “The Colorful Montreal Expos” can be seen across much of North America Tuesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern on MLB Network, but it isn’t airing in the city or the province the Expos played in. That’s because, as noted by Tim Capper and JP Kirby, MLB Network isn’t currently carried on any cable or satellite providers in Quebec. The network was approved in Canada in November 2012, thanks to Rogers bidding to bring it in, but only officially launched north of the border in January 2014 as part of Rogers’ most recent MLB rights deal, and is currently only carried by Rogers and (since June 2015) SaskTel.

Neither of those companies offers TV services in Quebec; Rogers Cable focuses on Ontario and Atlantic Canada, while SaskTel is only in Saskatchewan. Thus, we wind up with the weird situation of a documentary on a team that’s not being shown where that team actually played. That situation doesn’t seem terribly likely to change in the near future, either, as there hasn’t been much talk about other Canadian providers picking up MLBN. There have been plenty of tweets about it from the aggrieved, though:

Expect to see many more tweets along those lines as the documentary airs and fans everywhere outside of Quebec (and much of the rest of Canada) comment on it.

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