Vin Scully has called an uncountable number of baseball plays over the years, probably enough to match the number of stars in the sky.  As his final season winds down, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball are going to try to do the impossible – rank Scully’s 20 best calls of all-time.

The voting wil take place here at until August 12th.  Then, on August 13th, the reveal of the order of the Top 20 calls will take place.  It all culminates on September 23rd, which is Vin Scully Appreciation Night.

The calls span an incredible 60 years, from Don Larsen to Clayton Kershaw and Hank Aaron to Yasiel Puig.

The collection of calls is equal parts tribute to Scully and living history of our national pastime.  To think of all of the eras that his career has spanned, and all the incredible moments he has witnessed from the broadcast booth, is an incredible thought.  There will truly never be another like Scully.

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