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You know what they say, you come at the king of New York sports talk radio, you best not miss.

Last week, Mike Francesa called the newly revived New York Islanders a “third-rate organization,” particularly with regards to promoting themselves. This didn’t sit well with former Islanders goalkeeper and current ESPN radio host Rick DiPietro, who called the host a “fatso” as he defended his former team.

This really set off Francesa, a man never known to run away from a feud. The host took shots at DiPietro’s losing record as a goalkeeper, his disappointing Islanders contract and most of all his show.

Via reputed Francesa chronicler @RNs_Funhouse, here’s Francesa’s full rant:

This is pretty much the most coherent we’ve heard Francesa in years. The anti-DiPietro screed was like a Professor Trelawney moment for Francesa, who found a sudden burst of lucidity and, without warning, delivered a beautiful prophecy.

Seriously, the way Francesa attacked DiPietro’s ratings was awe-inspiring in the way those YouTube videos of lions tearing apart their prey are awe-inspiring.

“Here’s a guy shooting his mouth off at a show that beats him — this would basically be like your typical-night Nets — seven and a half to one, eight to one on a normal book. Just shut your mouth and be happy you got a job to find somewhere to go every day.”

Mike went on to call the former player a “stooge” and say that as far as radio is concerned, “You’re you, and I’m Gordie Howe.” But maybe the best part was when Francesa hit DiPietro with the two-for-one, your-show-is-bad-and-so-was-your-hockey-career dis.

“You played goalie better than you do the radio, which isn’t saying much. Now the Islanders are winning now that you’re shooting your mouth off on the radio.”

Long live the king.


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