It’s been way, way, waaaaayyyy too long since we found a good media feud for Mike Francesa to sink his teeth into.  Thankfully, Frank Isola of the Daily News has decided to step up to the plate and take a swing at the pope.

These tweets were among a multi-tweet barrage Isola sent on Monday afternoon questioning Francesa’s opinion regarding the New York Knicks coaching job and the suitability of former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.  Bonus points for the Parcells jab:

A caller teed up Isola’s tweets for the pope, and he responded in the most Francesa way possible, with the dismissive handwave.  (Via @RNs_Funhouse.)

Update, July 2021: This clip has been taken down.

That led Isola back to Twitter for a strong rebuttal…

“He’s only following MSG’s orders” is quite the statement to make, and we all know Isola has had his issues with MSG and James Dolan in the past.  The MSG Network has been floated as a potential landing spot for Francesa’s television simulcast of his radio show.  If Francesa does indeed land there, expect for this not to be the last time these two New York sports media personalities clash.

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