The lack of roughing the passer penalties against Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has been a talking point all season long. In October, Newton said he wanted to talk to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the lack of perceived penalties being called before him and his lack of perceived protection as a quarterback.

The NFL responded by making it known publicly that Newton was actually in the middle of the pack when it came to missed roughing calls and there was not in fact some kind of vast conspiracy against him. However, the NFL did admit to missing a couple of calls when it did come to Newton-related hits.

That brings us to last night’s Panthers-Redskins Monday Night Football game where the issue came up again.

Newton clearly got hit in the helmet on a slide, but he was the one called for a penalty when he threw the ball at a Redskins player and got 15 yards for taunting.

The latest Newton fiasco led at least one prominent sports media personality to hit the “engage” button on a nuclear Twitter rant. ESPN’s Michael Wilbon called for the officiating crew to be suspended for calling the foul on Newton and questioned whether there is in fact an agenda against him from the league.

Wilbon had one more salvo later in the evening against the officiating crew who worked last night’s Monday Night Football game, and he was so frustrated he didn’t even bother to use spellcheck.

Is there a conspiracy against Cam Newton? I’m not so sure there is a problem there as much as there’s a problem with just bad NFL officiating in general. I mean, just yesterday NFL officials ruled this a catch by Odell Beckham Jr.

Is there an agenda against Cam Newton? Until Newton gets suspended four games for an 18 month long saga involving under-inflated footballs, it’s hard to say that there is. But perception oftentimes becomes reality, and right now the perception is that there’s something amiss going on.

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