It’s late in the 2016 Major League Baseball season and that means after well over 100 nights of working together, broadcasts can get just a little bit more light-hearted and slap-happy.  That appears to be what happened last night as the Mets gave all the meme lovers out there a wonderful gift in unearthing a college picture of their play by play announcer Gary Cohen.  He looks.. well, slightly different today than he did back then.

The first and only thought I had after seeing this was how similar Cohen looks to a young Bill Walton back when he played for the TrailBlazers.

Cohen and the Mets broadcast team finished 4th in our 2016 MLB Announcer Rankings and are definitely one of the best in the sport.  Now between Cohen’s college looks and Keith Hernandez’s mustache, they might rank #1 overall in the epic facial hair department.

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