Chris Mintz-Plasse, who played McLovin in Superbad, got into a Twitter fight with New York Daily News writer (and occasional ESPN talking head) Frank Isola about – what else? – the New York Knicks and Isola’s coverage of the team.

Oddly enough, the issue started a month ago regarding a column by…Mike Lupica?

It took a month for Isola to acknowledge the tweet, which means his name searching game is way off.

McLovin’s response was rather tongue in cheek.

And then Isola took it to a different level by slandering McLovin’s performance in Pitch Perfect.

I wonder how seriously Isola was actually taking this all. McLovin clearly wasn’t taking it seriously, because he’s not even a Knicks fan – he cheers for the Celtics.

I mean…that’s taking trolling to a new level – getting into a Twitter fight with a beat writer of a team you don’t even cheer for.

I don’t think we can really declare a winner or loser here – it’s like a charity boxing match that one person doesn’t realize is for charity. But in a situation like that, isn’t the person taking things way too seriously the loser? The mute button gets smashed for Frank Isola after this one.

UPDATE: Here’s Isola talking about the Twitter fight on SiriusXM NBA Radio:

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