It’s Super Bowl week, which means that thousands of media have descended on the Bay Area to cover the Big Game for a myriad of outlets, all fighting for that one story or moment or bit of commentary that will make everyone stop and click.

For ESPN and the NFL Network, much of their television coverage—let’s be honest, over-coverage—is focused on the game, who will do well in the game, who will do poorly in the game and, ultimately, who will win the game.

Surely there’s some of that going on at FS1 too, as the network has some immensely talented contributors, both on the air and in print. Fox has a lot of really, really good people working there, which is why it’s a shame that the only damn reason anyone is talking about them this week is because Colin Cowherd said something insanely asinine about John Wall (again) and Julie Stewart-Binks dared Rob Gronkowski to give her a lap dance, and the big oaf did it.

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