While you were waiting for CBS to finally reveal the 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket in two of the most agonizing hours of sports television outside of First Take, ESPN was offering up some clever counter-programming.  A Scott Van Pelt hosted edition of SportsCenter outside its normal Midnight ET timeslot with some new wrinkles and new faces on the ESPN airwaves.

One of those was former Ohio State legend Mark Titus, who if you’re somehow not aware, became a famous college basketball player for doing absolutely nothing on the basketball court.  Titus’ Club Trillion blog (for zeroes across the box score) and book (Don’t Put Me In Coach) have made him something of a celebrity and he went on to write for Grantland before, well… we all know what happened there.

Titus appeared on SVP’s SportsCenter last night.  Usually, ESPN will put little nuggets of information below people’s names to talk about their accomplishments and their resume so you know you should take them seriously when they talk about sports.  Mark Titus has the best resume of them all.

One rebound in the NCAA Tournament.  That’s just phenomenal production.  Titus definitely brings a different and unique personality to SportsCenter, and this is probably the most Mark Titus compliment he could receive.

Maybe CBS should bring in Titus next year to save their trainwreck of a selection show.  At least he could help us laugh a little bit more.