SAN DIEGO, CA – APRIL 12: Dick Enberg of the San Diego Padres moderates Pre Game ceremonies on Opening Day against the Atlanta Braves at Petco Park on Monday, April 12, 2010 in San Diego, California. Padres won 17-2 (Photo by Andy Hayt/Getty Images)

Please forgive the predictable lede here, but… Oh, my!

Phrasing, Dick Enberg. Check your phrasing, sir. Or maybe the veteran broadcaster knew exactly what he was saying during Tuesday night’s broadcast of the Padres-Giants game. At the tail end of a segment featuring pet pictures from Padres fans, Enberg noted the large size of a cat in the final photo shown before the top of the third inning began. His choice of words to describe the big kitty was… well, they were certainly a choice.

It’s often said that the really good TV broadcasters know when to be quiet and let the moment speak for itself. San Diego color analyst Mark Grant provided the latest example of wise restraint, letting the words “plump pussy” linger in the ear as the photo of someone’s gigantic pet cat slowly faded from view on screen. Other than the knowing wheeze of laughter from Grant (not only prompted by Enberg’s choice of phrase, but perhaps disbelief from producers speaking in their headsets), everyone watching the Padres telecast enjoyed 11 seconds of awkward, amused silence to truly reflect on what one of sports’ broadcasting legends said live on the air.

Hey, let a guy have his fun. Enberg is retiring after the 2016 season. What, is he going to be fired for talking a bit dirty on the air?

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Enberg dipped a toe into naughty waters with Grant in the Padres’ broadcast booth. Two years ago, he made this remark while two young ladies wearing hot dog hats were on the screen.

Being on the West Coast has apparently brought out Enberg’s saucy side at the twilight of his broadcasting career.


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