Stephen A. Smith’s bold pronouncements don’t always go over well with his colleagues, and an apparent eye-roll from Lindsay Czarniak is the latest example of that.

Smith was doing a hit on SportsCenter with Czarniak Thursday when she asked him about how Dwyane Wade’s decision to head to Chicago played out, and Smith’s rather self-promoting response sparked quite the facial reaction from Czarniak:

In fairness to Czarniak, it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to keep a straight face at Smith saying “Well, I don’t mean to sound braggadocious, but I know everything about what went down here practically.” The director then cuts to a single shot of Smith as he goes on to talk about the “several occasions” he’s spoken to Wade about this.

This is part of the problem with using an emphatic-on-command person like Smith on serious shows like SportsCenter as well as opinionfests like First Take. Still, Czarniak’s reaction was pretty mild in the grand scheme of heckling Stephen A. has endured, and pretty mild in terms of what his pronouncements here deserved. She didn’t even have a sock puppet or say anything about Cheez Doodles

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