Kristine Leahy

Fox Sports’ Kristine Leahy apparently has had some bad experiences with Uber. Leahy tweeted Friday about issues she’s having trying to get house keys she left in an Uber back, but it’s the part at the end of her statement that really stands out:

“I’ve had an Uber driver try to break into my home in the past after dropping me off at the airport” is quite something, and it feels like burying the lede a bit here. Uber’s support team responded to her tweet saying they’d follow up by e-mail, while someone else responded to Leahy saying they didn’t feel safe in Uber and were hoping for better from Chariot, and Leahy retweeted Chariot’s tweet at her that they have a majority of female riders. We’ll see if anything more comes of this, but this has certainly given Uber a high-profile critic.

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