While the Sacramento Kings’ selection of Georgios Papagiannis 13th overall in Thursday’s NBA Draft provoked plenty of criticism from media and even an apparent subtweet from Kings’ center DeMarcus Cousins, Papagiannis has one notable person in his corner; his very opinionated father. SI’s Luke Winn profiled Papagiannis last year and included comments from his father, Kanellos, and on Thursday, Winn spotlighted Kanellos’ Twitter account and its frequent shots at media (and especially those who have dared to say good things about Dragan Bender, who Phoenix took fourth overall):

Here are some of those anti-Bender tweets from Kanellos Papagiannis over the last year, collected by Deadspin’s Patrick Redford:







Papagiannis is also big on promoting his son, retweeting positive reports on him and arguing with media who dissent:




So, Papagiannis has at least one vocal supporter in his corner, and one willing to argue with any media who criticize him. Kanellos Papagiannis is far from the first family member we’ve seen taking on critics on Twitter (Ayesha Curry did plenty of this during the Finals), but it’s interesting how he seems to use Twitter entirely for this purpose, and how he still relies on that basic egg avatar. If he continues this, media covering the Kings may get used to seeing angry tweets from him.


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