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The Oklahoma City Thunder probably shouldn’t have traded James Harden when they did, back in 2012. Just about everyone accepted that reality long ago and moved on to being mad about other things.

Just about the last person in America still steaming about OKC’s split with Harden was Bill Simmons, who wrote repeatedly over the years that Thunder GM Sam Presti had screwed up by dealing the guard. In April 2015, two and a half years after the trade, Simmons went on a tweetstorm about how silly the move was, prompting Kevin Durant to basically tell him to shut up.

Well this week, Simmons hosted Durant on his HBO show, Any Given Wednesday, for a joint interview with legendary rapper Nas. The segment was somewhat tortured (though Simmons’ intro with Vince Staples was great), but in the speed round, Simmons and Durant had this entertaining exchange:

Simmons: Did you stop liking me because I kept bringing up the Harden trade too much? I feel like you were mad at me for like two years.

Durant: No, I wasn’t mad at you.

Simmons: You weren’t?

Durant: Nah. I thought you should have gotten over it quicker than what you did, but I wasn’t upset. I was kind of puzzled.

Simmons: Puzzled? I loved watching you and Ibaka and Westbrook and…

Durant: Yeah, it was four years later, you should’ve gotten over it.

Ok Simmons, you deserved that one.

Meanwhile, no one in the world carries a chip on his shoulder like Kevin Durant, who seems to view everything as a slight and everyone as a hater. Durant likes to say he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, then recite all the things people supposedly think about him as if he had studied the criticisms on flash cards, so it makes sense he’d say he wasn’t angry at Simmons, only “puzzled.”

Here’s video of the whole speed round:

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