Kenny Mayne, one of my favorite ESPN personalities, has a pretty sweet new role with ESPN after what seemed like a few years adrift within the massive mothership.  Mayne’s been given some room to roam doing various features, mostly for Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter.

Early results have been promising although that’s not really a surprise as Mayne outside of a studio has long been a bit of an under the radar favorite for many, including The Mayne Event and Kenny Mayne’s Wider World Of Sports.

Mayne’s most recent feature probably wasn’t made to be as humorous as others, as he simply meant to call a horse race at Santa Anita. He gives a legitimate and serious effort, but circumstances didn’t allow for this to go smoothly for Mayne.

The end result is below, and it’s a hilarious reminder that Kenny Mayne is an irreplaceable personality for ESPN.

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