Former ESPN broadcaster Keith Olbermann went in hard on Rogers’ decision to replace Hockey Night In Canada host George Stroumboulopoulos with once and future host Ron MacLean when rumors of that move first came out last Wednesday, calling it “the dumbest thing I’ve seen in 36 years in TV sports,” and he made his criticisms even more personal Monday once that move was confirmed along with other Rogers NHL coverage moves. It’s not surprising to see Olbermann still upset about this, given his long-standing support for Stromboulopoulos (he called him “the host of the best studio pre- or post-game show in North America, in English anyway”) in an interview on Olbermann last year, but it’s interesting to see how strongly he specifically criticized Rogers’ president of Sportsnet and NHL properties Scott Moore:

Moore’s moves in general and the return of MacLean in particular have received praise from other corners, but Olbermann clearly doesn’t agree with that. It seems apparent he’s not angling for work with Sportsnet, as this probably goes beyond even napalming a bridge.

[Keith Olbermann on Twitter]

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