Katie Nolan’s internet video talents have gone beyond Fox Sports 1. Nolan has apparently been making videos for United Airlines since December, bringing some of her trademark humor to the Big Metal Bird series video explanations of everything from baggage tracking to aircraft maintenance. Here’s her most recent one, which came across our radar Monday:

Here’s her first one, from December, which includes packing a United executive into a bag and sending him along a carousel:

This seems like a bit of a weird fit, but they seem to have found an okay balance of funny stuff from Nolan and the promotional content the brand wants to get across. It’s far from the first time we’ve seen sports media figures in sponsored videos or commercials, too, and these seem to be doing okay, racking up hundreds of thousands of views each. Still, it’s a little unusual to see Nolan pop up in United videos. Maybe that’s one area where FS1 talent is making inroads against ESPN?

[United on YouTube]

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