ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden is known for his enthusiasm, and that doesn’t extend to just football. In fact, ahead of Monday night’s Eagles-Bears game, Gruden got rather enthusiastic when Philadelphia long-snapper Jon Dorenbos was demonstrating card tricks to him:

Dorenbos just unveils trick after trick here, and Gruden gets pretty excited about it, finishing with “That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.” That can’t possibly be true, though, as there weren’t enough “This guy” references or “Spider 2Y Banana” mentions for that. Perhaps this is just another example of Gruden’s boundless enthusiasm, something we’ve certainly seen time after time.

Still, it’s clear Gruden was pretty impressed by this, and maybe he’ll take some inspiration and start doing card tricks of his own in the booth. Or maybe Dorenbos will take this kind of misdirection and come up with some fake field goal plays for the Eagles. What would be even more impressive is if Dorenbos could pull these tricks off while being hit with pool noodles, though…

[For The Win]

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