He joined NBC in 2013 and wrote columns for NBCSports.com and its various sites. He wrote about a myriad of subjects while at NBC. Now, Posnanski has decided three years is enough. He’s announced in a post on his own website that he has decided to leave the Peacock and starting in January, he’ll be covering baseball full-time.

“I loved working at NBC. It was an absurd honor for me to work with such talented people — nobody, in my mind, does better sports programming. Those guys took a chance on me four years ago; and they did not have to do that. NBC is a television network, not a place for written storytelling, but they changed that just for me. There was no real money in it for them; they knew that the day they hired me. They hired me anyway because they believed in my writing. They stuck with me because they believed in my writing. I will forever be grateful for that and for them.

“But there are realities at great television networks too. And here I am, approaching 50 years old, two daughters that refuse to stay 10-years-old no matter how many times I ask them, and I found myself asking: What do I WANT to do? Do I want to keep spending half the year on the road? Do I want to cover more Super Bowls and more Olympics and more World Cups? Do I want to keep living the way I have been living for 30 years?

“Sounds like a pretty great life to me.

“But I realized, no.

“I realized that what I want — what I really want — is to write baseball.”

Before Posnanski joined NBC, he was with MLB’s Sports on Earth site for a very short time. And before that, he was a columnist at the Kansas City Star.

Posnanski has won his share of sportswriting awards and also won an Emmy at NBC. Now he moves to his next venture to cover baseball. Just where, we don’t know because Posnanski didn’t reveal that in his farewell column. Perhaps it’ll be with MLB or a site devoted to that, but he’ll get to focus his time on baseball and won’t have to write columns on other sports.

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