Jimmy Johnson has had quite the career, including college success at Oklahoma State, a national championship at Miami, winning two Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys, getting fired by Jerry Jones after the second one, working in TV with Fox for two years, returning to the NFL with Miami and then going back to broadcasting with Fox. This week, Johnson appeared on Undeniable with Joe Buck to discuss a wide variety of topics about his career; the episode airs Wednesday night on DirecTV/AT&T’s Audience Network at 8 p.m. Eastern. Here’s an advance clip of Johnson discussing his relationship with Jones, which dates back to their playing careers together at Arkansas:

There are some great lines in there, especially when Buck asks Johnson about how he and Jones wound up as roommates at Arkansas thanks to the alphabet, not a close relationship. “We were not running mates!” Johnson said. “He was rich and I was poor. He had a Cadillac El Dorado, and I had an old pickup truck.”

That connection (plus his remarkable college success at Miami) may have helped Johnson get the Cowboys’ job, though, and things have certainly worked out pretty well for him since then despite tensions with Jones. He’s been a valuable part of Fox’s NFL coverage since 2002. Here he is talking about his post-coaching career, and at how other coaches, general manager and even owners come to him for advice, leading to Buck dubbing him “The Boat Coach Whisperer”:

It’s fascinating to hear how many people are still actively seeking out Johnson for advice, and how he’s said he doesn’t want to take on any sort of formal role with an organization. It looks like this post-coaching media career is suiting him pretty well. The full episode of Buck’s conversation with Johnson airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on DirecTV/AT&T’s Audience Network.

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