Jimmy Fallon has brought his “Superlatives” schtick to the sports world before, with some truly funny segments on the NHL Playoffs, the Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star Game and more.

Well on Thursday, to honor the onset of the new NFL season, The Tonight Show added a new twist to Superlatives, asking football players to read their own deeply insulting superlatives.

Some of these are pretty good.


Highlights include Andy Dalton: Most likely to star in a new CW show called “Ron Weasley: The College Years” and J.J. Watt: Most likely to say “Everything’s bigger in Texas” and then look down and wink. Also, DeMarcus Ware is the Black Mr. Clean, Joe Flacco is a bachelorette contestant and Aaron Rodgers is a fan of Creed. It’s a pretty fun time all around.

Having the players themselves read their own superlatives was a nice twist, but as a result the superlatives weren’t as brutal as past rounds have been (Chris Bosh as”Most athletic Voldemort” is hilarious). In fact, many of them were kind of compliments.

Anyway, superlatives isn’t quiiite on the level of Jimmy Kimmel’s “mean tweets” segment, but it’s pretty good.

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