Heads were turned when embattled and polarizing columnist Jay Mariotti was hired last March by the San Francisco Examiner to be their sports director.  At the time, the Examiner said they were “thrilled” to bring in “one of the best sports writers in the nation.”

A little over a year later, the relationship between Mariotti and the Examiner is no more according to Joe Eskenazi of San Francisco Magazine.

Mariotti’s last column for the Examiner was written on Monday.

The marriage between Mariotti and the Examiner was always a curious one.  Ever since his downfall on the national sports scene, Mariotti floated around the internet and kept his bombastic personality alive on his Twitter page.  He launched his own site in 2013 with a Florida company and did a freelance assignment for ESPN.

For the Examiner to think that Jay Mariotti of all people was the one to lead them into a new age was a bit of a head-scratcher.  Predictably, the highlights of Mariotti leading the Examiner forward into the future were rants about how terrible the current new media environment is.

Given the volatility of Mariotti’s stops ever since leaving the Chicago Sun-Times (hello AOL FanHouse) the only thing that’s not a surprise here is how short his stint in San Francisco turned out to be.

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