Fox Sports Live’s Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole have proven willing to take light jabs at coworkers before, such as Mike Francesa and Colin Cowherd, and on Tuesday night’s show, they somewhat covered someone who isn’t actually even a coworker yet. That would be ESPN personality Skip Bayless, who blew up the sports internet Tuesday when ESPN announced they wouldn’t bring him back after his August  contract expiry, clearing the way for his long-anticipated move to FS1 (with a nice salary boost as well). Onrait and O’Toole looked like they were going to talk about this on Tuesday’s edition of Fox Sports Live with Jay and Dan, but then they pivoted in a very different direction:

Here’s the transcription:

“When it comes to the sports media business, there was one piece of breaking news everyone wanted to gab about on Tuesday.”

“Dan, these days everyone knows sports television is dominated by debate shows. We here at FS1 are proud to announce the most polarizing personality in the recent history of sports TV is leaving his old network and joining this one. I’m sure you know who we’re referring to. He is literally the posterboy for the entire “Embrace Debate” movement.”

“It’s poster artist Gareth Wellingbottom! Gareth created some of the most memorable poster designs in the history of sports broadcasting. Sure, you might be saying to yourself, ‘When did postermaking become so important to a cable television channel?’ Those decisions? Way above our paygrade. We just want to say, ‘Welcome aboard, Gareth!’ With your help, we’re about to posterize the competition.”

Well played, guys, well played.

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