The entire NFL world descended upon Indianapolis for the NFL combine this week – prospects, scouts, coaches, and reporters.  Who would have thought that one of the biggest conflicts from the weekend would involve two leading reporters apparently playing the feud?

That seems to be the case because on Saturday night CBS’s Jason La Canfora sent this cryptic tweet to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport out of the blue.

All righty then!

Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk (who himself has traded barbs with JLC in the past) tried to add some additional context, reporting on the reporting squabble between two reporters:

Rapoport had no comment on the tweet, which apparently wasn’t friendly banter or an inside joke. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rapoport doesn’t know what prompted the comment. Another source with knowledge of both reporters suggests that La Canfora heard from a coach or a scout while out and about on Friday night/Saturday morning that Rapoport had said something about La Canfora, regardless of whether Rapoport actually did.

Who knows what exactly this little flare-up consists of, but I love the thought of these NFL insiders having “turf” battles and making not-so-veiled threats to stay out of their territory like we’re living out some kind of mob movie in real life.

[Pro Football Talk]

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