Back in October, when Twitter announced the dissolution of Vine, the internet community spent the day in mourning. No more Vines of cool dunks, no more Vines of grown men crossing up toddlers, no more Vines of prancing llamas.

But perhaps the funeral was a bit premature.

On Friday, Vine announced that its platform would stick around in a “pared-down” form as Vine Camera, which will allow you to take six-second looping videos and either post them to Twitter or save them to your phone.

Here’s how the New York Times described the change:

The new app, Vine Camera, will be available in January and will still let people capture the six-second looping videos that fans came to enjoy. But instead of posting them to Vine’s social network, users can share them directly to Twitter or save them to their phones.

The company still plans to close the Vine social network and is allowing users to download their previous videos from the app and website. An archive of Vines will also live.

So basically, all the functionality of Vine will continue but without the social networking aspect of it. Vine says it is “rolling out a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter,” so theoretically users won’t lose all of the Vine audience they worked so hard to cultivate.

Still, if you’re a Vine star with thousands of followers, you’re going to take a hit in the post-Vine app world. But if you’re just a sports fan who likes watching funny videos that repeat over and over again, you’ll have Vines in your life forever. Rejoice.

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