Late night television lends itself to some interesting competitions. Back in the 1980’s, NBC’s Late Night With David Letterman had elevator races as called by the legendary Bob Costas. And as it helped to define Letterman as a late night icon, it also helped to show that Costas had a very quick wit. Now cut to 2016 and Stephen Colbert, the man who replaced Letterman on CBS. On Friday, Colbert challenged gamer Mitch Fowler, the man known as a speed runner for completing Mario Bros. in world record time to a very interesting race.

Colbert said he could microwave and eat a Hot Pocket faster than Fowler could finish the game and to make it really interesting, he said a men’s relay team could finish the 4×400 meters faster than Fowler could finish Mario Bros. And to call the entire 3-legged race was CBS Sports’ Ian Eagle. It was some rather interesting television as Colbert used a non-carousel microwave, the Columbia University team had to complete eight laps around the track and Fowler attempted to jump from level to level. Luckily, we have the whole thing on video:

Eagle had some good lines throughout including one saying he had never enjoyed so many adult beverages before a job and noting Fowler’s speed on Mario Bros., “This is like a college professor dominating kindergarten!”

It’s quite the competition.

{Colbert YouTube]

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