This year’s NFL Draft got a rather unexpected narrative, as top prospect Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter account posted a video of himself taking a fat bong rip out of a gas mask. If this is news to you, I’m sure you have many questions. I’m here to help.

– Tunsil was all suited up and at the draft, so this was an old video. Tunsil, nor his agent, have denied that it is him in the video.

– Obviously, someone who knows Tunsil and had the video and access to his Twitter decided to be an absolutely terrible person and post moments before the draft.

– Tunsil has a bit of a checkered past, so this didn’t help. Thought to be a lock top 10 pick, Tunsil has seen two tackles taken ahead of him as he’s had to apologize for this indiscretion (pretending weed is terrible, but more so that he allowed himself to be in a situation where it was recorded and then uploaded).

For more than an hour, the internet and social media ate this up as you can imagine. ESPN and NFL Network didn’t really mention the incident, but as Tunsil’s slide continued and he made a statement on the matter, below is how each network addressed it.

This was obviously followed by a Gruden “Social Media is the worst thing in the world” rant.

While all of this is silly, you have to wonder how much contract money this will cost Tunsil. Perhaps he can sue whoever posted the video, as this is no doubt going to cost him millions. We’re still waiting to see where Tunsil land, but maybe he will find himself sliding down to a team in a state where weed is legal? Probably not much of a silver lining.

Update: Tunsil’s nightmare wasn’t too bad as he was just taken 13th by the Dolphins.

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