MLB Tonight is one of the staple programs on MLB Network each season, and heading into the 2016 season, MLB Network changed up the introduction for the show for the first time since 2013. With the 2016 season officially beginning on Sunday with a tripleheader on ESPN, the new opening has been created and will be debuted at 1 PM on Monday. Here it is, featuring an emphasis on the stitching and interior of the baseball.

Among the players featured in the intro are Bryce Harper, Prince Fielder, Clayton Kershaw, Miguel Sano, Matt Harvey, Jose Abreu, and Mike Trout. I know I missed a bunch in there, they were going by too damn quick.

MLB Tonight will be live for an unreal 12 straight hours on Opening Day, from 1 PM to 1 AM. Hopefully for the crew’s sake, none of the West Coast games go into extra innings.

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