If there’s two people in baseball that you would not expect to become BFFs forever, it would be Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson and umpire “Country” Joe West.

First, a refresher. Harrelson is known for his combustible style of broadcasating, especially when it comes to umpires who he think have given the southsiders the short end of the stick. On at least one memorable occasion, West has been the target of his indignity. Remember this classic rant?

So when Harrelson went on a CSN Chicago podcast and talked about playing a round of golf with the umpire/singer, well, it’d be enough to make you spit out your coffee.

“Joe West is the best umpire in the game, he and I butted head for thirty years,” Harrelson said.

Harrelson and West had been at odds for a long time, but their relationship came about when Harrelson visited the umpires’ locker room a few years ago.  It was after West returned from throat cancer and Harrelson buried the hatchet, wishing him good health. Since that time they became friends, even though they might have had their disagreements over the years.

Here’s the photo evidence!

What’s next, Darren Rovell and Richard Deitsch becoming tennis buddies?

By the way, those two guys in that picture would be the same two below.


In a year where we are so divided as a country, a culture, and a society, can’t a Joe West-Hawk Harrelson bromance give us all hope that we can come together for the betterment of the world? We can all dream, right?

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