You may remember Detroit sports personality Rob Parker from that time he tried to make a bad joke at the expense of Rod Marinelli’s daughter and earned nationwide scorn.  You might also remember him from that time he got exiled from ESPN after asking if Robert Griffin III was a “cornball brother”… and also earned nationwide scorn.

Parker has largely been absent from the national scene since falling on his own First Take sword aside from a brief appearance last fall on Fox Sports 1.  This February, Parker was hired by WXYZ/WMYD in Detroit to write and be a sports anchor after a stint at and WDIV.  On the television side, he does a “Barbershop Sports” segment for the local news.

In a weird series of events, Parker posted on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday that he would have a weekly Barbershop Sports segment on MLB Network.  He even said he’d have current players in his barbershop and that the first segment would air April 15th.  There was a logo and everything!  Parker again alluded to it in a tweet on Wednesday.

However, Parker’s original tweet about the MLB Network segment has since been deleted and there’s been no other mention from Parker on his Twitter feed about MLB Network.  Here’s a screenshot of the deleted tweet and his posting on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.41.41 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.42.14 PM


Additionally, there is no mention of Parker on the MLB Network website in their list of personalities, but there is a mention of new hire Robert Flores.  There is also no mention of Parker in MLB Network’s press release sent out on Wednesday discussing new programming for the coming season.

Maybe Parker jumped the gun on a deal?  Maybe this is a “South Carolina accidentally invited to the NCAA Tournament situation“?  Who knows.  One supposes we’ll find out April 15th either way.  It’s all very strange.

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