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For a while, virtual reality has felt like the next frontier in sports viewing, and it now seems like it’s about to go mainstream.

On September 17, FOX Sports will pair with virtual-reality broadcast company LiveLike to air the college football game between No. 3 Ohio State and No. 14 Oklahoma. The VR broadcast will be available through the new FOX Sports VR app, which is available on iOS or Android devices. According to a press release, you won’t need any special virtual reality technology to watch the game in 3D on your phone.

Here’s a statement from LiveLike’s CEO:

“FOX Sports’ commitment to innovation makes them the perfect company for us to work with as we roll out a VR experience that allows today’s sports fan to lean-in and watch sports in an entirely new way,” said Andre Lorenceau, founder and CEO, LiveLike. “The Oklahoma vs. Ohio State game represents the beginning of our relationship with FOX Sports, and we look forward to working with them to make the FOX SPORTS VR app an important destination in the sports viewing experience.”

Virtual reality technology seems to be coming along at a pretty steady pace. Obviously we’ve had 3D movies for years, and 3D sporting events have popped up too. Meanwhile, many college and pro sports teams have used virtual reality to prepare for games or woo recruits. Now it looks like immersive technology is coming full-force to consumers and with less cumbersome and expensive equipment than ever.

Last month, NBC aired 85 hours of Olympic coverage in virtual reality, which was accessible through a special Samsung headset, and Fox in particular has invested heavily in VR. It’s cool to see virtual reality technology get more and more widespread and convenient, and it’s easy to imagine that in a few years we’ll commonly watch games this way.


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