Earlier this season, Fox added team won-loss records into their score bug graphic in the top left corner of the TV screen. Many didn’t seem to mind but a lot of people liked this small additional detail.

Fox has continued to place won-loss records of teams in the score bugs of every game they have done (except for Week 1) this season except for today’s 49ers-Rams game, whereas the won-loss records are conspicuously absent.

And just in case you are wondering, Fox still has won-loss records for every other game this week, except for 49ers-Rams.

Is Fox trying to tell us something? Is Fox trying to hide the won-loss records of the 1-13 49ers and the 4-10 Rams because they are especially bad? Trust me, anyone who is watching that game is a diehard fan and/or already knows that the 49ers and Rams are terrible. It’s like a bald person wearing a toupee. We know the person is bald and depending on the person, they know that we know they’re bald, but the charade has to keep going and they have to try and fool us all that whatever it is that’s on their head is real hair.

Maybe this was an honest mistake and considering the 49ers and Rams have been eliminated from playoff competition weeks ago, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. But if Fox really wanted to hide how bad these two teams are, they kind of made things worse.

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