The Vin Scully farewell tour has not only continued steadily as the legendary Dodgers announcer’s final season has progressed, it has seemed to get bigger.

On Thursday night, Fleetwood Mac performed a set at Dodger Stadium in Scully’s honor at a gala attended by Sylvester Stallone, Matthew McConaughey, John Mayer, Arsenio Hall and Will Forte, according to Variety.

The event, the Dodgers’ second annual Blue Diamond Gala, had more than 1,000 attendees, per the Los Angeles Times, with donation packages ranging from a $1,500 VIP entry ticket to a $100,000 Grand Slam sponsorship.”

 Via Variety:

An “honored, delighted, and humbled” Scully spoke to the crowd before the concert, sharing a few of the sort of anecdotes he laced his broadcasts with throughout the seven decades, before closing with a heartfelt “thank you.” Scully said, “If I could sum up the love affair that I’ve had with baseball, and the love affair that I’ve had with the Dodgers: Thank God, in two words. I will thank him from now until the end of time, and I will thank you tonight for this wonderful honor.”

Stars walking the carpet gushed about the baseball legend. Arsenio Hall, who called Scully “the Michael Jordan of the mic,” reminisced about a memorable Scully broadcast. “One time I heard Vin Scully describe the view of a fan looking towards center field and talking about how this stadium is like none other. He described it with such magic and such poetry it was like E. E. Cummings telling you where you were watching a baseball game.”

Scully is getting a real Jeteresque send-off this season, and he so thoroughly deserves it. It’s become kind of the “cool thing” to laud Vin Scully (which might account for some of the celebrity adoration), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s earned the celebration by 1) being super, super good at what he does and 2) doing it for 66 (!!!!) years.

Remember how Joe Posnanski described Hamilton by saying it’s one of the few things that lives up to the hype?  Vin Scully definitely lives up to the hype.

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