We’ve seen lots of photobombs on sports television over the years, but Wednesday’s photobomb of ESPN’s preseason Knicks-Celtics broadcast from Boston might have been the oddest yet. While Dave Pasch and Hubie Brown were talking about the first-half stats, the man behind them looks directly into the camera and sips his beer. Then it gets weird:

The guy next to the first guy leans over and whispers something to him, and the first guy then just opens his mouth and lets beer dribble all over his shirt. It would be one thing if this was laughing and spraying beer inadvertently, but this certainly looks intentional. And the guy’s utter calmness afterwards is remarkable, as he just takes another sip. We don’t know if he dribbled that one on himself too, as the camera cut away to Kristaps Porzingas highlights.

Even by photobombing standards, this is bizarre. Staring into the camera’s one thing, but dribbling beer all over yourself? And wasting beer bought at stadium prices? At least he didn’t throw the beer at a player or a broadcaster, I guess, but this is still a highly odd thing to do. Hopefully the attention this guy gets is worth it; it would be great to see someone track him down and ask what this was all about.

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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